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Lee Smith - Company Director

On leaving college Lee worked as a programmer using Fortran, Cobol 3GL's and the Powerhouse 4GL, for the Redditch based company ISTEL (later AT&T ISTEL) which had been part BL (British Leyland) / Rover Group, but which was then an independent company.

After being made redundant he work as a freelance programmer mostly using Powerhouse but with the occasional foray into Pascal, Cobol, DCL and SQL scripts, performed on a variety of platforms including DEC VAX/Alpha, Unix and IBM AS/400.

The last few years, Lee has been providing a PC support service and a Web Site support service.


Lee holds a BSc in Computer Science, the internationally recognised CompTIA Network+ Certification and City & Guilds Institute in PC Repair. He has also attended classes in Delphi, Visual Basic (VB) to advanced level. The Games and Tools has examples of his VB work. He is self-taught in HTML, Java, JavaScript and PHP.